Indonesia’s First Retail MPC Crypto Wallet

Indonesia’s First Retail MPC Crypto Wallet

Introducing Indonesia’s first MPC Wallet

Xellar has recently introduced Indonesia's first Multi-Party Computation (MPC) retail wallet, representing a significant leap forward in cryptocurrency wallet technology. Users can now effortlessly create a wallet within the Xellar App using their Google or Apple login credentials, eliminating the need to commit their Seed Phrase to memory.
Traditional non-custodial wallets have long been associated with challenging recovery procedures, often necessitating the recall of private keys or seed phrases, which consist of a string of words. This complexity has posed a significant barrier for newcomers looking to enter the crypto space, as it demands a deep understanding of wallet security protocols.

Create a Wallet with Google

Xellar has emerged as a pioneer in this regard by unveiling its cutting-edge MPC technology, enabling users to establish a wallet through their Google or Apple login credentials. This revolutionary approach involves the fractionalization and encryption of private keys into multiple shards, ultimately facilitating wallet restoration without the burden of seed phrase memorization. Xellar's MPC wallet remains self-custodial and decentralized, offering users the best of both worlds. They can enjoy convenient access to their wallet through social logins while upholding the robust security and privacy standards synonymous with decentralized wallets.
MPC technology has historically been used in institutional-grade wallets entrusted with safeguarding billions of dollars in assets. With Xellar, users can now harness the same level of security and encryption directly on their mobile devices, alleviating concerns about wallet breaches.

Download on the App Store & Play Store

Simply download the Xellar App from the App Store or Play Store and opt for either Google Login or Apple Login. For existing Xellar App users, adding a new wallet is as straightforward as selecting "MPC Wallet."
Xellar's MPC wallet is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of decentralized applications and services.

What is Xellar?

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